“I found the expedition and being a small group fantastic. The area and fjords that we had all to ourselves, gave us many options to change our route from day to day not having to stick to a fixed route. I especially found Torssukatak fjord absolutely amazing, just couldn’t keep my eyes from the rugged mountain tops as we where paddling through. Visiting Augpilagtoq was also very special, spending the night in the community office house. Even that we didn’t get to trek back to Tasermiut fjord,  the first days of trekking was excellent with a beautiful and very varied terrain. In general I found the logistics to work very well and all people at Tasermiut to be very friendly, helpsome and relaxed. I think all three of us specially felt very much at home staying a couple of nights at the guide house in Nanortalik, thank you very much for that.  I would do the trip again at any time, if there weren’t so many other places I also want to experience.
I will be returning to Greenland soon. I just quit my job to go travelling for a while and will be spending most of April/May on the east cost. Maybe I will continue south end of May and come and say hello !
I hope you will have a fantastic season this summer with lots of happy visitors.

Give my regards to Ramón and German.