Donatus Stehle: Kayak and Glacier 15 days trip. July 2014

In July 2014 I was part of a Sea Kayaking tour through the south-west fjords of Greenland. The Inuit

arrived at the coastline of Greenland more than 4,500 years ago. My idea was to travel like the Inuit

used to do. There were four of us and we started the trip from Narsaq, which is a typical village in

modern Greenland where people still lead a quite traditional life based on the sea. Fish, seals and

whales are still an essential part of their life. After an introduction from our guide, we left civilization

on the second day of the trip. The kayaks were packed with food, tents and equipment we needed.

After one week we came to a deposit to refill food and fuel. Every day we paddled three to five hours

and in the afternoon there was always enough time for a hike into the higher country away from the

shore. Every day new impressions were to be experienced: Icebergs, seals, rugged mountains,

glaciers, rocky spires, the immense Ice Cap and the pristine artic fauna. During the tour we visited

several old Inuit and Viking settlements, which gave us the chance to to imagine life in one of these

old cultures. Our guide, German, was experienced. He stopped at the best camping spots, knew

good fishing places to catch salmon and cod, and always cooked a delicious dinner for us.

One of the highlights was a one-day hike to a spot where we had a wonderful view of huge glacier

tongues, the fjords and the Ice Cap. During the hike we saw several rock ptarmigans, artic hares and

sea eagles, which flew over us and were looking for food.

The trip was a perfect mixture of kayaking and trekking and gave us the chance to explore the

unique arctic world.