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Self guided kayak trips

For those clubs or groups of experienced kayakers who want to plan their own kayak route in South Greenland, Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions offers an integrated logistics service which includes all materials and services necessary to make the project work.

self guided kayak trips

Kayaking Equipment

The kayaks will be double or single, depending on availability.

kayak in Greenland. self-guide tour prijon double kayak

Price per Double Kayak

2 hours: 248 DKK or 33 €

1 day: 600 DKK or 80€

1 week: 2,500 DKK or 335 €

2 weeks: 4,000 DKK or 536 €

kayak in Greenland. self-guided tour. prijon single kayak

Price per Single Kayak

2 hours: 150 DKK or 20 €

1 day: 400 DKK or 53€

1 week: 2,000 DKK or 268 €

2 weeks: 3,500 DKK or 469 €

Price per Drysuit

2 hours: 93 DKK or 12 €

1 day: 250 DKK or 33€

1 week: 1,000 DKK or 134 €

2 weeks: 1,500 DKK or 201 €


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If you would like to receive more information about Self Guide Kayaking Trips in Greenland, please contact us. We will get in contact with you shortly




The kayakers should be experienced as the trip is “a la carte”, with an itinerary planned by the kayakers themselves, without a Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions guide.


The equipment comprises of a spot satellite messenger with which the group is constantly tracked from our base in Qassiarsuk. In addition, the group will have an Iridium satellite phone to receive daily weather reports. The expedition may use this Iridium satellite phone to call for help or advice at any time.

Expert Advice

We have first hand knowledge of the whole area and we can meet the leaders of the group to study the planned route and give advice, explanations and propose alternatives.


The material will be transported by a high power zodiac to the starting point of the route prior to the arrival of the group, they will use the same type of transport on arrival at the airport in Narsarsuaq. The same vessel will be used for the return trip back to Narsarsuaq.

Expedition equipment

Maps of the area as well as tents and camping equipment can be provided by Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions.


A system of food and fuel drops transported by boat to the group will allow them to have total autonomy without having to carry excess weight from the beginning of the route.

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