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Kayak and Glacier Hiking, 8 days

The most intense of the Greenland kayaking tours: 100 km of kayaking along a little known route in southern Greenland: fjords set between jutting rock cliffs, huge icebergs, glacier fronts… Thanks to the stability of our double kayaks, no previous kayaking experience is necessary to enjoy exploring fjords silent except for the sound of our paddles, or to set up camp in almost inaccessible places. To top it all, climb to the foothills of the legendary Inlandis plateau.
Greenland kayaking tours, glacier front

Expedition Highlights

Kayaking amid icebergs to reach the glacier fronts of Qaleraliq, the Perito Moreno of the Arctic.
Hiking on a glacier tongue to the moraines that lead to infinite plateau of the Inlandis.
Experiencing a never-ending day (until mid July) or seeing the northern lights (from mid August).

Greenland kayaking tours 8 day Travel Journal

Greenland kayaking tours 8 days map

Day 1. Flight to Greenland, boat transfer to Narsaq city

Three-hour flight from Keflavik (Iceland’s international airport) or Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq (Greenland) with breathtaking views of Cap Farvel and the huge southern Greenland ice sheet … I ‘m having the window seat! Welcome at the airport by our English speaking guide and transfer to the port of Narsarsuaq. An hours crossing by high-powered zodiac to the city of Narsaq, our last contact with civilization for a week. Once settled in our hostel off we go to our supply store to get kitted out with kayaks, paddles, clothing and navigation accessories. If conditions permit, we make first contact with water to get familiar with the use of the rudder. Overnight stay at the Kayak Hostel.

greenland kayaking tours, narsaq

From the plane to Narsaq to prepare the equipment

Day 2. Kayak against the ice

Tranfer by zodiac boat to Qingaarsup island (one of many strange names we’ll hear!) where we will start the kayak expedition. We will follow the coast along the ice covered fiord among the icebergs coming from Eqalorutsit glacier. In this area, full of ringed seals, there is usually a greater density of ice, slowing down the kayak and sometimes even blocking access at certain locations. When we start the crossing to Nuulussuaq peninsula through we get the first views of the Inlandis, the polar cap. Once we arrive to Nulussuaq, we will install our camp and have a spot which was one of the Viking settlements in South Greenland. Camping overnight.

Greenland kayaking tours, Quingaarsuup

Qingaarsuup island: the first night of the expedition

Day 3. First glacier front

Protected by a network of channels between small islands and peninsulas, the route today is longer than the day before but with three breaks on land before reaching the glacial front at Naajaat Sermiat. We are now touching the Greenlandic ice cap for the first time, the legendary Inlandis, and next to it we pitch our tents. In a day spent enjoying nature’s extremes we have toured the entire Maniitsup Tunua fjord. Camping overnight

greenland kayaking tours group

Icebergs on the Maniitsup Tunua fjord and group photo!

Day 4. Heading Qaleraliq glacier

greenand kayaking tours

The eastern bank of the Qaleralliq fjord

Paddling south from early morning, we are quickly sandwiched between two large islands, one of them called Caribou, for their presence on the island. The first break after a good 12 kilometers paddle, is just before turning into the channel and heading northwest along the Qaleraliq fjord (which translates as halibut). Sailing along the coast under cliffs for about 7 kilometers and just before reaching the three glacier tongues that make up the Qaleraliq glaciers, we cross the fjord to pitch camp on the beach which faces this colossal amphitheater which hangs from the Inlandis. By now we are used to the thunder claps of ice exploding, either from within the glacial cracks or the seracs that collapse into the sea… how small I feel in my kayak! After a break, we trek to Lake Tasersuatsiaq, climbing to where the fisherman finds trout and  the observer a privileged vista of the infinite Inlandis or the inland ice sheet of Greenland. Camping overnight

greenland kayaking tours view

The glacial fronts of Qaleraliq seen from lake Tasersuatsiaq

Day 5. Ice hike

After breakfast and packing the tents, we sail to the end of the fjord (4 km), disembarking to enter the perpetual Inlandis ice sheet. It is a steady and easy climb along the last glacier tongue, enjoying the sights of the rimayas or large transverse cracks, as we approach the great moraine (mixture of ice and sediment) that leads to the 2,500 kilometers of icy plateau to the north of the island. In the afternoon we are sailing again, this time passing three glaciers in the direction Akulariuseq (Caribou Island), where we set up camp after having paddled about 10 kilometers. Camping overnight.

Greenland kayaking tours ice hiking

Forging through the rimayas before heading off to the Island of the caribou

greenland kayaking tours caribou island

Day 6. Ikersuaq Fjord

We are about 25 kilometers and two rest stops from Qingaarsuup Island, where we began the journey and where we are heading to today. To do this, after going around Maniitsoq Island (meaning rough terrain), we take a new route to the large northeasterly Ikersuaq fjord, facing again the colossal icebergs of the Eqaloruutsit glacier. This is also a seal area and where the chances of seeing whales are greatest… Pay close attention to the guide’s instructions! Camping overnight

greenland kayaking tours guide

He’s our guide!

Day 7. Tutturooq and Narsaq

We start the final day with diagonally crossing the 8 km of the Ikersuaq fjord towards the big island of Tuttutooq where we shelter in Stephensens Bay and visit the inuit ruins of Manitsuarsuk (settlement of fishermen and hunters, inhabited until the eighteenth century ). After eating we head off to Narsaq town, where we will find being back in civilization almost exotic! Once settled in our hostel off we can do some shopping or visit the museum, the fish market, the church, etc,. Dinner the last night in Narsaq usually in a restaurant, is not included in the tour price but of course, it is possible to use the hostel kitchen. Overnight stay at the Kayak Hostel.

greenland kayaking trips arrival

Arriving at Tuttutooq island

Day 8 Flight back to Iceland or Denmark

In the morning we take the zodiac to Narsarsuaq, where after checking-in at the airport, you can visit the Bluie West One Museum, former US militay base frozen in time since the second world war.

Optional: Qooroq ice fjord excursion. The Qooroq is one of the most active glaciers that can be found in southern Greenland. We will navigate to the area where iceberg density will make it impossible to carry on, and which is without doubt one of Greenland’s best images (566 DKK or 85 € per person, 6 participants minimum).

Flight from Narsarsuaq to Keflavik (Iceland’s international airport) or Copenhagen.


Expedition. Medium level. Groups of 4-12 people

Google maps

 kayak in Greenland area

Summer Dates 2019

A trip of 8 days and 7 nights in Greenland


(Departures from Reyjkavik and Copenhagen)

 Special discount June departure: -100€! 

From 25th of June to 02nd of July


(Departures from Reyjkavik and Copenhagen)

From 02nd to 09th of July

From 09th to 16th of July

From 16th to 23rd of July

From 23rd to 30th of July

From 30th to 06th of August


(Departures from Reyjkavik and Copenhagen)

From 06th to 13th of August

Special Northern Lights

From 13th to 20th of August.

From 20th to 27nd of August.  

From 27th to 03rd of September.  


(Departures from Reyjkavik )

Special Northern Lights

From 03rd to 10th of September. 


Option 1

16,355 DKK (2,195 €) per traveler
    • From Iceland 

Option 2

18,590 DKK (2,495 €) per traveler
    • From Copenhagen 



  • Flight from Reyjkavik (or Copenhagen) to Narsarsuaq. Return.
  • Tasermiut, South Greenland Expeditions guide (English speaking)
  • RIB boat trip Narsarsuaq – Narsaq – Narsarsuaq
  • Rental of kayaks and navigation equipment
  • Meals on a full board basis (except dinner last day in Narsaq)
  • Accommodation in Greenland, as stated on this program
  • Camping and RIB boat travel equipment

Not included

  • Airport taxes and issuing ticket fees (approx. 165-200 € from Reyjkavik and 200€ from Copenhagen)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Last day dinner in Narsaq and lunch on flight days
  • Accommodation, transfers and food in Reyjkavik or Copenhagen
  • Optional excursion
  • Unexpected expenses as a result of weather conditions (including difficulties or cancellations due to ice or weather conditions) or flight or boat delays.
  • Any other aspect not listed in “What is included”

Physical level required

Since we will be sailing in an area of calm water and because of the stability of our double kayaks, previous experience in kayaking is not required (although is recommended). However, given that this  trip is more sports based than other expeditions, good overall physical condition is required, as well as being aware of the effort involved.

Trip Details

If you want to know more details of the trip (passenger information, payment method, recommendations, equipment, etc.) please ask for the Trip Details.

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