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    South Greenland Hiking, 8 days

    * You can combine this trip with a 4 Day Kayaking trip

    South Greenland Hiking means the quintessential arctic hiking: a route among the moraines and huge glacier tongues of the Inlandis, the greenlandic Ice Cap, to reach the Black River, a torrent of melting water sandwiched between 1,600 meters peaks. In contrast to this glacial landscape barely visited by man, we will visit Igaliku and Qassiarsuk, ancient Viking settlements and, today, idyllic locations of farmers. Also we will sail towards the glacier fronts of Qooroq, one of the most active glaciers in Southern Greenland.

    greenland hiking peaks view

    South Greenland Hiking highlights

    • Total autonomy expedition
    • Walk along the Inlandis tongues
    • Moraines and glacial formations
    • Greenlandic dinner
    • Glacier fronts sight
    • Viking & Inuit ruins
    • Sailing among icebergs
    • Peregrine falcon, arctic foxes, eagles

    Hiking in Greenland, travel journal

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    Day 1. The idyllic Igaliku

    Flight from Keflavik (Iceland) or Copenhaguen to Narsarsuaq (Greenland). Reception at the airport and transfer by zodiac boat to the pier of Itilleq. Easy hike to cross the “Path of the Kings” to the idyllic Igaliku, a small inuit settlement where one finds the ruins of Gardar, the archdiocese of Viking Greenland. In the afternoon we will visit the viking ruins. Overnight stay at the Gardar Hostel.icebergs next to the pier of Itilleq

    Day 2. The Hobiton hut

    We started hiking to Iterlak farm along the Igaliku fjord. With the sea on our right and 1.500 meters high peaks on our left, will have to cross several rivers using trekking sandals in a landscape that begins to dazzle from the beginning. View of the huge Jespersen glacier. We will arrive at the Hobiton hut late in the afternoon. Overnight in tents next to the cabin.

    Day 3. Jespersen glacier


    Encased in a rugged gorge, habitat of the peregrine falcon, we will ascend to a plateau that will offer panoramic of  two glacier tongues and the huge Inlandis lost in infinity. After crossing a stream, we will move next to the river to reach the Jespersen glacier. The rocks in the surrounding area, contain interesting minerals. Overnight in tents next to a dwarf birch area.

    Day 4. Between ice and rocks

    We will pursue our hiking expedition through a gorge. Advancing sometimes on the ice and sometimes on rock, at midday we will pass a distinctive flat area with beautiful blue lakes and high peaks which stretch towards the sky. We are just in front of a big beautiful valley which opens and offers us a view of the ice cap. At the end the day, we will set our expedition tents in a area with unique view of Lake Motzfeldt and the huge and wide moraine plain.

    Day 5. Lake Motzfeldt


    The day will be devoted to exploring the area, with a foray into the ice and then, if the weather conditions allow it, climbing Mount Qoororsuup, with a privileged view of the lake and the huge Jespersen’s Bræ and Evighedsbræen glacier tongues that supply the Black River. To study some of the peculiar formations that make a glacier so exciting, we will take our time to make a detailed visit of the lowlands along the glacier front. Down here, we will find deep melt water reservoirs and strange landscapes. This is a result of the sand being capable of absorbing and insulating the sun rays respectively depending on the thickness of the sand layer. Overnight in the same camp that has been set on the previous day.

    Day 6. Following the Black River


    Trekking in a peculiar moraine landscape along the “Sorte Elv” (Black River). As we progress out through the valley, the river from the big delta gathers into a huge and roaring river that, from time to time, disappears into rushing and impressive waterfalls. Overnight in tents.

    Day 7. Qooroq Ice Fjord and Qassiarsuk

    In the morning we will reach the area of the Qooroq Fjord, where a boat will be waiting for us. On our way to Qassiarsuk we will visit the fjord by boat, navigating to the area where iceberg density will make it impossible to carry on. Once in Qassiarsuk (former Brattahlid, capital of Viking Greenland) walk through the village of about 50 inhabitants and guided visit to Brattahlid viking reconstructions and the original ruins from Erik the Red. Of particular interest are the reconstructions of a viking house (spacious but cold) and an inuit dwelling (small but warmer), transporting us back in time to the harsh conditions in which these people lived and it definitely shows us how the Inuit knew how to adapt better to the progressive cooling of the climate. Farewell dinner, with typical greenlandic dishes as whale, seal, caribou, mattak… Overnight stay at the Leif Eriksson Hostel.greenland-hiking-icebergs

    Day 8. Flight Narsarsuaq – Keflavik / Copenhagen

    Boat transfer to Narsarsuaq where we can visit the Bluie West One museum, former US military base frozen in time since de Second Worls War. Time is enough to do that just before flight departure.

    Flight Narsarsuaq-Keflavik (Iceland’s international airport) or Copenhagen.


    Expedition. Medium level. Groups of 4-12 people

    Summer Dates 2018

    From the 26th of July to the 02nd of August


    Option 1

    14,117 DKK (1,895 €) per traveler
      • From Iceland (Keflavik airport)

    Option 2

    16,427 DKK (2,205 €) per traveler
      • From Copenhaguen.


    What it’s included:

    • Flight Keflavik/Copenhagen – Narsarsuaq and return
    • Tasermiut, South Greenland Expeditions’ guide (English speaking)
    • Transfers in Greenland, as stated on this program
    • Meals on a full board basis (except lunch on departure day) as stated on this program
    • Farewell dinner with Greenlandic typical dishes
    • Qooroq Ice Fjord navigation
    • Cultural visit to Brattahlid ruins
    • Accommodation in Greenland, as stated on this program
    • Camping and RIB boat travel equipment

    What it´s not included:

    • Airport taxes and fees (approx. 155-200 € from Keflavik / 200 € from Copenhagen)
    • Travel insurance
    • Lunch on flight days
    • Accommodation, transfers and food in Iceland or Denmark
    • Unexpected expenses as a result of weather conditions (including difficulties or cancellations due to ice or weather conditions) or flight or boat delays
    • Any other aspect not listed in “What it’s included”

    Physical Level required

    Active trip, physically challenging, but suitable for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, who doesn’t mind sleeping in a tent and goes hiking on a regular basis.

    Trip details

    If you want to know more details of the trip (passenger information, payment method, recommendations, equipment, etc.) please ask for the Greenland Hiking Adventure trip details.

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