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    Hiking & Kayaking, 8 days

    If you are a trekking enthusiast and a kayaking novice or vice versa… This trip, combining trekking in the Mellem Land Mountains and kayaking in South Greenland Sermilik Fjord offers real contact with the unspoilt landscape of South Greenland: climb to catch the stunning views of the infinite Inlandis and two of its glacier tongues falling into the sea at the outset of the trip, and later on paddle through the ice floe and giant icebergs. Meanwhile, we will have visited the ruins of the Viking Eric the Red and discovered by boat one of the most active glacier fronts in southern Greenland

    Kayaking in Southern Greenland, Narsaq area

    Expedition Highlights

    Trekking in the tundra and a vista of the glacier tongues that lead to the infinite plateau of Inlandis.
    Independent sailing among icebergs and a panoramic view of the Eqalorutsit glacier.
    Experience the endless day (until mid-July) or see the northern lights (from mid August).


    Hiking and Kayaking in Southern Greenland Travel diary

    kayak in Greenland. Trekking and kayak trip route map

    Day 1. Narsarsuaq, Greenland

    Three-hour flight from Keflavik (Iceland’s international airport) to Narsarsuaq (Greenland) with spectacular views of Kap Farvel and the huge southern Greenland icesheet … I’m having the window! Met by our English speaking guide at the airport, crossing the Eriksfjord  by zodiac to Qassiarsuk, our base in Southern Greenland. After staying at the Leif Eriksson Hostel we have our first thrill of the journey: a guided tour of the viking ruins of Brattahlid (present day Qassiarsuk), learning the history of the arrival of Eric the Red from Iceland at this small settlement in 985 and Leiff, his son’s voyage to Vinland ( Canada) in 1000. Of particular interest are the reconstructions of a viking house (spacious but cold) and an Inuit dwelling (small but warmer), transporting us back in time to the harsh conditions in which these people lived and it definitely shows us how the Inuit knew how to adapt better to the progressive cooling of the climate. Dinner and overnight stay at the Leif Eriksson Hostel.

    kayak in greenland. qooroq from the boat before the trekking

    Ice arch in the Eriksfjord

    Day 2. The Mellem cabin

    After leaving non-essential luggage at the hostel, we cross the Eriksfjord again and start ascending the Mellem Mountains through the Flower Valley. After two hours, almost by surprise, the Kiattut glacier appears at our feet, lost in the immensity of Inlandis or the inland ice-sheet of Greenland. Depending on the pace of the group, we go down to the glacier itself and walk on the million-year-old ice. The climb to the Mellem Cabin, among small lakes and tundra, takes another hour. Accommodation in tents at Mellem’s Camp.

    kayak in greenland. Mellem mountains tand kiattut trekking

    Down the Kiattuut glacier to touch the eternal ice. Photo by Paul Font

    Day 3. Qooroq Balcony

    At this stage the trek is comfortable and quite spectacular, we head east through a lake region to arrive at a privileged viewpoint: the huge Qooroq glacier, one of the busiest in all of Greenland with over 200,000 tons of ice a day flowing in to the sea. So huge is the glacier under our feet that it looks like a road winding between nunataaqs (mountains jutting up from the ice) if we look to the North. Accommodation in tents at Mellem’s Camp

    kayak in Greenland. qooroq glacier and rimayas from mellem mountains

    Qooroq balcony, onto infinite inland ice

    Day 4. Highest peak and Ice navigation before a greenlandic dinner

    On the way back to Narsarsuaq we ascend to the highest peak in Mellem Land to enjoy one of the most exclusive views of southern Greenland: the infinite Inlandis in the distance, two glaciers falling into the sea beneath us and behind us the labyrinth of fjords where we will be kayaking in the coming days. In the afternoon we cross the Eriksfjord by zodiac straight to a hot shower at the Leif Eriksson Hostel. From there we visit the Qooroq Ice Fjord, navigating as far as the chaos of icebergs and ice sheets allow us… The Endurance! Dinner at the hostel is “traditional Inuit”, with a sampling of some of the tastiest Greenlandic dishes. Overnight stay at the Leif Eriksson Hostel.

    Day 5. Kayaking in Southern Greenland: Tasiusaq

    kayak in Greenland. Trekking to Tasiusaq kayak area

    On the way to Tasiusaq

    In the morning, after leaving luggage not necessary for kayaking at the hostel, we start trekking towards the farms in Tasiusaq, an idyllic spot located at the foot of the Sermilik Fjord, always full of icebergs, as the backpacks are transported by jeep. Ten minutes from our hostel in Tasiusaq is the yurt (Mongolian tent) with the kayak equipment. After selecting waterproof clothing and navigation accessories we make first contact with the water in the small bay of Tasiusaq and get to know the basics of security. Overnight stay at the Hostel in Tasiusaq.

    Day 6. Kayaking in Southern Greenland Expedition

    kayak in greenland. Tasiusaq seal on ice

    Advantages of the silent kayaks…

    Always following the guide, the experiences are unforgettable: navigating through the ice, and on many occasions among gigantic icebergs, the noise made by moving icebergs, seals heads suddenly appearing or kayaks slicing silently through the water. We weave from shore to open water to avoid icy barriers, we stop for lunch at small islands or on the coast if the group wants to… there’s no rush, our goal is about ten km west along the Sermilik Fjord to reach an isthmus where we set up camp. From there, we will take a short walk to the other side of the isthmus to admire the stunning view of the Eqalorutsit glacier: Now I understand why there were so many icebergs! Camping overnight.

    kayak in greenland. tasiusaq first night camp

    The warriors’ rest

    Day 7. Western Cape

    Breakfast and, depending on how we see the passage through the ice, we take down the tents quickly or in no rush: it’s up to the guide. We can try to get close to the amazing area of Kangerlua, all year round blocked by ice or it is also possible, depending on if our muscles are feeling up to it, to paddle around the western cape of the fjord to see the Eqalorutsit glacier before starting back in the direction of Tasiusaq. Night spent in a tent

    kayak in Greenland. Tasiusaq kayak group meeting

    Field Meeting: the guide lays out the plans

    Day 8 Flight to Iceland

    In the morning we head off to Qassiarsuk while our backpacks are transported by jeep. Once in Narsarsuaq we recommend you visit the Museum of the American Base, the Bluie West One, untouched since the Second World War.

    Flight Narsarsuaq to Iceland (Keflavik airport) or Copenhaguen.


    Expedition. Easy level. Groups of 4-10 people

    Google maps

    kayak in Greenland area

    Summer Dates 2018

    A trip of 8 days and 7 nights in Greenland

    Departures from Copenhagen and Keflavik


    26th June – 03th July


    03th – 10th July

    10th – 17th July

    17th – 24th July

    24th  – 031st July

    31st July – 07 August


    07th – 14th August

    Special Northern Lights

    14th – 21st  August.

    21st – 28th August.

    28th August – 04th September.


    Departures from Keflavik

    Special Northern Lights

    04th – 11th September.

    11th – 18th September.



    1,895 € per traveler
      • From Iceland (Keflavik International Airport).

    2,195 € per traveler
      • From Copenhagen.


    • Flight Keflavik/Copenhagen – Narsarsuaq, return
    • Guide (English speaking)
    • Excursions to Qooroq Ice Fjord and Brattahlid reconstructions
    • Transfers in Greenland, as stated on this program
    • Meals on a full board basis, as stated on this program
    • Dinner with Greenlandic typical products
    • Accommodation in Greenland, as stated on this program
    • Rental of kayaks and navigation equipment (see the list provided)
    • Camping and RIB boat travel equipment

    Not included

    • Airport taxes and fees (approx. 165-200 € from Keflavik / 200 € from Copenhagen)
    • Travel insurance
    • Lunch on flight days
    • Accommodation, transfers and food in Iceland or Denmark
    • Unexpected expenses as a result of weather conditions (including difficulties or cancellations due to ice or weather conditions) or flight or boat delays
    • Any other aspect not listed in “Included”

    Physical level required

    This is a fairly active trip for which some level of physical fitness is necessary or have the habit of hiking in the countryside. As for the kayak, as we will be sailing in an area of calm water and due to the stability of our double kayaks, previous experience in kayaking is not required (although is recommended).

    Trip Details

    If you want to know more details of the trip (passenger information, payment method, recommendations, equipment, etc.) please ask for the Trip Details.

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