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Group travel, travel in Greenland

We are going to enjoy one of the last natural environments in the world, South Greenland, where the mountains, glaciers and fjords have remained untouched by human hands. In other words, a place with little infrastructure, where distances are multiplied if a problem arises and where, finally, traveling without an organized system of logistics and rescue is not advisable.

To overcome the constraints imposed by Arctic nature at its purest, Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions has its own infrastructure in Greenland: hostels, kayak stores, office in Narsarsuaq, fleet of zodiacs approved by the Danish Naval command, jeeps and permanent camps in the most beautiful natural landscapes: Qaleralliq, Uunartoq and Tasermiut.

All this infrastructure, however, would be in vain without the spirit of exploration and adventure that we will experience by traveling in a group in Greenland: people with an affinity for the outdoors will soon become a group of friends willing to help out to prepare dinner or make a landing, able to enjoy nature without having all mod-cons at hand and, not least, people who realize that safety comes first when we are surrounded by nature.

Our guides, one leader normally accompanied by a second experienced guide, are veteran kayakers with extensive knowledge of the microclimate and the currents of the fjords of southern Greenland, and keep in contact with the base of Qassiarsuk using a satellite phone to be up to date with the weather forecast or call for help if necessary. Regarding the safety of the group, the guide will have the final say in deciding a change of plan due to unforeseen circumstances… everyone will understand, he is the expert in Greenland!




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